Kind of really angry because I try so hard to help people, and when I do, I draw from my own experiences that will never be 100% similar to theirs. It helps me better understand what people are feeling so that I can proceed to help them out in some way or another. But I feel like when I do this, even if I don’t acknowledge the fact that I’m using personal experience as a kind of guide, I’m just shot down. Like “no you don’t get what I’m going through because you haven’t been through it yourself.” Well yes, there are many things I have not been through. But there are also many things I have experienced that others may have not. Trust me (no one will) when I say that I have learned SO MUCH in the past few years simply due to my suffering. I literally want nothing more than to make people’s lives better and just…not see anyone be sad or hurt or in agony. But I mean, can’t do that when I don’t know shit about anything, right? I give up on this. I don’t know what to do with myself but I know I’m fucking sick and tired of having to fight to convince people whenever I say anything at all. Why can’t people just fucking believe me? I’m trying to better things god damn


Danish Pancake with Raspberry  (By Vegan Feast Catering) 

"A Bunch of Shit I’m Allergic To"
Anonymous: you changed so much from when you first started this blog and it's so wonderful <3


I was so ignorant and naive and annoying when I made this blog back in 2011 it was just terrible and disgusting and I mean I’m nowhere near perfect or great right now, but I do admit to being a lot less of an ignorant asshole so THANK U


Dorm room of a Drew University student, 2009.

ngl i look like snoop dogg rn


Danielle LaPorte

Very clear water

I am so jealous of everyone who travelled to Asia this summer.


Island life ✌️ (at Nantucket Island)
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